World-class sports trading technology and expertise

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What we do

At the heart of the business is a world class trading, modelling and liability management capability that is widely acknowledged as amongst the best in the global betting market.

Sports Spread Betting

Sports Spread Betting

Sporting Index is recognised as the world leader in sports spread betting, a market it pioneered and has led for over 20 years. It provides the most thrilling live sports betting experience for the discerning punter.
Wholesale Services

Wholesale Services

Sporting Solutions is the expert B2B partner for sportsbooks, revolutionising the outsource sports betting market by providing a rapidly expanding number of global operators with market-leading software and data services.

Sporting Index

The pioneer of sports spread betting, Sporting Index was founded in 1992 – with just five members of staff and 50 clients in the UK. It has been at the forefront of the sports betting industry ever since. Today it is the undisputed world leader in its sector, providing the most thrilling live sports betting experience to tens of thousands of customers around the globe.
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Sporting Solutions

Formed in 2007, Sporting Solutions has quickly established itself as a leading B2B supplier of data and trading tools to the global sports betting industry. It provides services across the full lifecycle of a betting event, with a particular focus on in-play betting. Learn more about Sporting Solutions ›